Rewards Program

In appreciation for your efforts we have developed this reward program which rewards you for your efforts even if you can’t attend an event or you do not qualify. You can also earn points for keeping your profile current and referring friends.

You have may have already earned points this year if you took a web screening survey, disqualified during a telephone screening or if you refereed people that registered with via email link.

Once you accumulate 50 points you can turn those points into $10 cash the next time you participate in a face to face study with us that pays a cash incentive.

You can view your earnings balance at the bottom of your individual profile page or via our OpinionWizard App available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Ways to Earn PointsPointsFrequency
For each Online prescreening survey. You earn points just for trying.2Unlimited
For each Telephone Screening. You earn points if you don’t qualify or can’t attend2Unlimited
Review and update your member information. While you can do this as often as you want, you will earn points up to once per quarter.54x per year/family
Refer a friend to Advanced Focus using the email we provide. If they register via the link, you earn points for each household that registers.10Unlimited
Take Online Surveys, not prescreeners. These are short surveys (under 30 minutes) that do not involve leaving your home. Points for this vary by project.VariesUnlimited