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Welcome to Advanced Focus – Where Your Opinions Matter!

 At Advanced Focus, we believe that your voice deserves to be heard. We are a dynamic community that values the diverse perspectives and experiences of individuals like you. By joining our panel of respondents, you become an integral part of the conversation, influencing the products and services that shape our world.  We are not just a market research platform; we are a community of forward-thinkers, trendsetters, and influencers. Our mission is to connect businesses, innovators, and decision-makers with the insights they need to create products and experiences that resonate with real people. We understand that your opinions are valuable, and we're here to amplify your voice.

Advanced Focus was founded in 2002 and is based in New York with in-person research facilities in NYC and Tarrytown (Westchester County).  Our roots are in recruiting marketing research participants and our opportunities are for both in-person and on-line projects across the United States.  


Why Join Us:

  1. Impactful Insights: Your opinions have the power to shape the future. Companies and organizations rely on your valuable feedback to make informed decisions that impact their products and services.
  2. Exclusive Opportunities:  As a member of Advanced Focus, you gain access to exclusive opportunities, such as participating in advanced research studies, trying out cutting-edge products before they hit the market, and engaging in discussions that matter.
  3. Rewards and Recognition:  We believe in recognizing the contribution of our community members. Earn rewards and incentives, as a token of our appreciation for your time and valuable insights.


How It Works:

  1. Sign Up: Joining Advanced Focus is easy. Simply fill out our respondent sign-up form to create your profile. Tell us a bit about yourself so we can match you with relevant studies and discussions.
  2. Get Matched: Based on your profile, you'll be matched with opportunities that align with your interests and demographics. Whether it's testing a new app, sharing your thoughts on a social issue, or trying a new product, we've got something for everyone.
  3.  Engage and Influence: Participate in surveys, interviews, and discussions that matter to you. Your opinions are the driving force behind the decisions made by businesses and innovators.
  4.  Earn Rewards: Your time is valuable, and we believe in rewarding you for it. Earn points for every activity and redeem them when you participate with us.  


Join Us Today:


Ready to make your voice heard? Sign up now and become a part of a community that values your opinions. Advanced Focus is not just a platform; it's a movement, and we invite you to be a part of it.


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